Written by Elikya Rachel

26 January 2021

Many times in my videos, I’ve talked about the importance of making food yourself. It’s what my whole channel is about!

But why? If you can just buy food from a restaurant, why waste time and energy on cooking?

While it may be time-consuming and sometimes hard, there are many benefits to cooking your own meals. Here are just a few.

1. More Options
The best thing about cooking at home is the choices! Most restaurant menus only have a few options, while there are thousands of recipes out there! Even if you’re…
• A beginner at cooking
• Too busy for complex meals
• Extremely picky (like me)
• Allergic to most things
• Unable to afford fancy equipment
…There’s a meal for you! Home cooking isn’t all kale walnut salads, bland sheet-pan potatoes, and homemade pita bread. It can fun, easy, and delicious!

2. Health
When you eat restaurant food, do you really know what’s in it? The answer is unnecessary sugar, salt, and preservatives. By cooking your own food, you can control what ingredients are in the food you eat! Even if you can’t access fresh and organic produce, you’re already better off than choosing restaurant food.

Restaurants also often serve bigger portions, making you eat more than you need. According to the National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute, the average size of foods like fries and pasta dishes are over double what they were in the 70s. By cooking your food, you’re more likely to control how much you eat and save extras as leftovers.

3. Affordability
Believe it or not, it can sometimes be cheaper to cook from home. A study by Forbes magazine found that ordering dinner from a restaurant is on average five times more expensive than cooking from home.

It’s even cheaper if you buy ingredients in bulk, especially things that are versatile and won’t spoil quickly (flour, pasta, quinoa, dried beans, onions, potatoes, rice, oil, etc. ) That way, one shopping trip can provide meals for multiple days.

I’m not saying you should never eat restaurant food. Restaurant food is delicious, snd sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to cook. But, cooking from home can be a better alternative. It’s healthier, cheaper, tastier, and sometimes quicker than ordering food.

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