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My name is ELIKYA RACHEL, author of

“Who says kids can’t cook?”

Who says kids can't cook?

This book does not only contain a bunch of awesome, healthful recipes and tips; it also has special messages for kids and parents.


3 Reasons You Should Cook Your Own Food

26 January 2021Many times in my videos, I've talked about the importance of making food yourself. It's what my whole channel is about! But why? If you can just buy food from a restaurant, why waste time and energy on cooking? While it may be time-consuming and...

In the mind of Elikya Rachel

My name is Elikya Rachel Matsouaka, and I'm 13 years old. You might know me from my videos on YouTube and Facebook where I teach kids how to cook healthy and tasty meals at home. I LOVE to cook but I’m also interested in writing, art, science, and a bunch of other...

Elikya Rachel’s Baby Bib Collection

Hi parents, it's Elikya! You and I both know that little kids like to "help" around the house. My parents told me that when I was little, I was the same way but also very picky. My parents thought if they can get me to help in the kitchen I would eat better. It...